ARA - Ansible Run Analysis

ARA records Ansible playbook runs and makes the recorded data available and intuitive for users and systems. It’s described on ARA ReadTheDocs.

ARA doesn’t run your playbooks for you: it integrates with Ansible as a callback plugin wherever it is. In playbooks/ is a workflow described as an example:

export ANSIBLE_CALLBACK_PLUGINS=$(python -c "import os,ara; print(os.path.dirname(ara.__file__))")/plugins/callbacks
export ANSIBLE_ACTION_PLUGINS=$(python -c "import os,ara; print(os.path.dirname(ara.__file__))")/plugins/actions
export ANSIBLE_LIBRARY=$(python -c "import os,ara; print(os.path.dirname(ara.__file__))")/plugins/modules

ansible-playbook roles.yml
ara generate html ./html

The html directory should be accessable within a webbrowser to fits the best view. It’s also possible to handle this in CI/CD environments, like .gitlab-ci.yml:

  stage: araweb
    - tar cfz ara_html.tgz tests/html
    - araweb
    - ara_html*.tgz
    expire_in: 1 week

See also on Github and this OpenStack SuperUser article.